“My mission is to be a light to the world by supporting transformation, inspiring creativity, and speaking the truth in love.”

-Mollie Walker Freeman

What if you could feel terrific?

What would you do if your health wasn’t an issue?



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“Hiring Mollie as our health coach was the best thing I’ve ever done!”

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How can a Health Coach help me?

A Certified Health Coach Is:

  • A Teacher
  • A Cheerleader
  • An Accountability Partner
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Attend a Well Life Workshop presented by certified health coaches


If you want to learn simple secrets of healthy living and are ready to be happier and more productive at work, two certified health coaches teamed up to bring you this workshop series, especially designed for you!

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Learn with eBooks


Check out these great eBooks! Each is created with unique dietary needs in mind.

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Learn food prep with certified health coach Mollie Walker Freeman

Food Preparation Classes

Do you love to cook? Hate to cook? Don’t have time to cook? LifeSong has all sorts of original recipes and techniques for delicious and nutritious foods you can prepare easily at home.

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